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During the meals throughout the weekend, IPNC Sommelier Ambassadors and Maîtres d’Hôtel will share a selection of current and IPNC library wines with you.  While there is always plenty of wine, there are usually no more than 12 bottles of any single wine. Those wines, which are small in quantity and high in demand, will be circulated among the tables by the Maîtres d’Hôtel, so that as many people as possible will have the chance to taste each wine. These individuals are distinguished sommeliers and wine directors who donate their time to ensure our guests experience the finest service. Our thanks to them for their outstanding efforts on behalf of this event.

Maîtres d’Hôtel Captains
Jessica Endsworth, Angela Estate Winery, Carlton, OR
Bryan Hill, àMaurice Cellars, Seattle, WA
Jeff Lindsay-Thorsen, RN74, Seattle, WA
Savanna Ray, Ringside Fish House, Portland, OR
Dawn Smith, Stoneburner, Seattle, WA
Kristen Young, Bastille, Seattle, WA

Maîtres d’Hôtel
Fred Armstrong, Ringside Fish House, Portland, OR
Vanessa Bazzani, Bergström Wines, Portland, OR
Caryn Benke, Andina, Portland, OR
Matt Berson, Love & Squalor, Portland, OR
Tahlia Bolden, Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar, Seattle, WA
Ken Bolick, JORY Restaurant - Allison Inn & Spa, Newberg, OR
Natalie Bowman Lee, Vinum Ferus, McMinnville, OR
Kyle Brierley, Café Juanita, Redmond, WA
Gregory Cantu, Grüner, Portland, OR
Tom Champine, Raptor Ridge Winery, Portland, OR
Jackie Cooke, Avec Bistro, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Brianne Day, Day Wines & Saury USA, Portland, OR
Tim Eagan, Chops Lobster Bar, Boca Raton, FL
Kinn Edwards, del Alma, Corvallis, OR
Dana Frank, Ava Gene’s, Portland, OR
Cyril Frechier, Seattle, WA
Patrick Gaffney, Bar Avignon, Portland, OR
Kyle Gartlan-Clos, Vin Room, Calgary, AB Canada
Stacey Gibson, Olympic Provisions, Portland, OR
Tyler Hauptman, Fenrir, Portland, OR
Jared Heber, Grandes Places Sélections, San Francisco, CA
Tia Hubbard, Gino’s Restaurant & Bar, Portland, OR
Kristen Koors, Raven & Rose, Portland, OR
Cortney Lease, Wild Ginger & Triple Door, Seattle, WA
Chris Murphy, Eddie Martini’s, Wauwatosa, WI
Julianne Nelson, Ken Wright Cellars, Portland, OR
Jeffrey Passerotti, rye, Restaurant & Bar, Eugene, OR
Phillip Patti, Marché, Restaurant, Eugene, OR
Jessica Pierce, Brooks, Portland, OR
Vanessa Puglisi, Pizzeria Delfina, San Francisco, CA
Christopher Sky Westmoreland, Levant, Portland, OR
Dawn Smith, Stoneburner, Seattle, WA
Chris Tange, Aragona, Seattle, WA
Josh Wiesenfeld, Remedy Wine Bar, Portland, OR
Jeffrey Wilson, Patricia Green Cellars, Portland, OR
John Zoller, Imperial& Paley’s Place, Portland, OR

Sommeliers at start of IPNC Weekend

Sommeliers at end of IPNC Weekend