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Vineyard Tour

"Every morning of IPNC a fleet of buses spreads out over the Willamette Valley taking groups to seminars and sumptuous lunches, but you don't know where you're going until you get there..."
     - Craig Camp, The Wine Camp Blog


Travel through Oregon's vine-covered countryside to a nearby Willamette Valley winery where you will enjoy a guided stroll through the vineyard. Then, head into the winery for a multi-national round of "Whose Wine is it Anyway?", a light-hearted tasting game wherein winemakers will describe their wines and you (and they) will guess which wines belong to which winemakers. Don't be surprised if even the winemakers get it wrong! You will be amazed at how much you and your winemaker hosts will learn from this simple exercise. Afterward, enjoy an exquisite multi-course lunch crafted by one of our esteemed guest chefs, paired with an array of wines from your host winery.

In keeping with the IPNC tradition, your Vineyard Tour and Winery Lunch destination will remain a secret until you board your tour bus and are en route.