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Featured Wineries

The 2015 Featured Wineries will be announced in early spring. Shown below are Featured Wineries from 2014.

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Represented by Bryan Weil & John Gabelhausen

Alexana Estate Vineyards and Winery was born of a chance meeting between veteran Oregon winemaker Lynn Penner-Ash and Dr. Madaiah Revana, owner of Revana Family Vineyard in California’s Napa Valley. With the help of Penner-Ash, Dr. Revana acquired our uniquely situated 80-acre estate located on the northwestern edge of the Dundee Hills in the spring of 2005. Our properties unique composition of 18 various marine sedimentary and volcanic soil types make it the perfect place to produce exceptional estate grown wines. In the cellar, managing winemaker Bryan Weil carries out a minimalist approach to winemaking by focusing on small lot fermentations in the recently completed three level gravity flow winery. Alexana’s Gold LEED®-Certified tasting room is now open to the public daily and private tours are available by appointment.

Represented by David Nemarnik & Tom Fitzpatrick

Alloro Vineyard is 70 acres of uniquely contoured, loess-derived, Laurelwood soil. Located on a southwest-facing slope in Oregon’s Chehalem Mountains, this special place is the heart and soul of Alloro wines and is personally cared for by Founder David Nemarnik. Alloro is an artisan, limited-production producer and is 100% Estate, and all wines are 100% crafted from their sustainably farmed, single-vineyard site. Burgundy trained, UC Davis educated winemaker Tom Fitzpatrick believes that a wine should be an "expression of place, at a moment in time" and should therefore capture the unique personality of a site as it is expressed in each vintage. Elegantly composed, terroir-driven wines that reflect this philosophy are the focus.

Represented by Andrew Rich & Ted Pearson

After growing up in New England in a family that sold furniture, followed by a brief stint as a magazine editor, Andrew Rich turned to winemaking in 1988. He was first a "cellar rat" at Bonny Doon Vineyard, eventually working his way up to the position of Assistant Winemaker. 1988 also marked his first trip to Oregon, where his destiny was sealed. Andrew Rich Wines was founded in 1995 and has been producing a broad and eclectic array of wines ever since. With the glorious 2002 vintage, Andrew Rich Wines settled into the Carlton Winemakers Studio, where it is increasingly focusing on Washington State Rhône varietals and Willamette Valley Pinot noir. Production is just under 5,000 cases.

Represented by Thomas Houseman & Andy Gribskov

Anne Amie's mission is to produce wines that express the unique characteristics of Oregon's Willamette Valley and their two estate vineyard sites. Dr. Robert Pamplin, one of Oregon’s most forward-thinking philanthropists and businessmen, purchased the winery in 1999, naming it after his two daughters. His vision was create wines of the highest quality, and to this end, Dr. Pamplin has charged winemaker Thomas Houseman and viticulturist Jason Tosch with the task of crafting extraordinary wines. Thomas, Jason, and the rest of the crew are absolutely passionate about producing wines of the finest quality and have dedicated their lives to this quest. Pinot reigns supreme at Anne Amie, with Pinot noir, Pinot gris and Pinot blanc forming the heart of production. Complementing the Pinot family is old-vine riesling and Müller Thurgau, both planted in 1979. Their estate vineyards are LIVE certified and yields are dramatically reduced in order to provide fruit with great depth and complexity. The Pinot noir winemaking is minimalist, focusing on small fermentation lots using indigenous yeast. The estate vineyards are located in the rolling hills of Yamhill-Carlton and on the steep hillsides of the Chehalem Mountains, and their LIVE certified winery is located on their Yamhill-Carlton property.

Represented by Chris Mazepink & Taylor Knight

Since its inception in 1993, Archery Summit has been devoted to crafting exceptional Pinot noir from its 120 acres across six estate vineyards. Inspired by the remarkable growing conditions provided by the Willamette Valley, their team approaches each step of the winemaking process with particular thoughtfulness and care. Their philosophy is driven by a commitment to understand the intricacies and unique personalities of each estate vineyard, allowing them to craft wines that vividly express their distinct places of origin. Over the past twenty years Archery Summit has developed an international reputation for producing wines among the finest and most luxurious of new world Pinot noir.

Represented by Steve & Carol Girard

The owners of Benton-Lane weren’t doctors who retired and decided to try the wine business; they have made wine all their life. Steve and Carol Girard started Girard Winery in Napa Valley in 1980 and immediately began looking for land to grow their beloved Pinot noir in Oregon. They purchased the Sunnymount Ranch in 1988, a sheep ranch in the southern Willamette Valley where warmer temperatures guaranteed earlier ripening and more consistent quality. In 1996 they sold their Napa winery to L. Rudd so they could devote full time to their vines in Oregon. They now have 145 acres of vines grown to Steve’s concept of care for the land. He took all the benefits of the organic, biodynamic and sustainable methods, left out the defects inherent in these methods and came up with a practical way to care for the land, bugs, animals, water supply and the folks who work it.

Represented by Josh & Caroline Bergström

Bergström Wines is a family-owned and operated artisan producer of Pinot noir and Chardonnay. It was started in 1999 by Dr. John and Karen Bergström, with the help of their son Josh Bergström and his wife Caroline. Josh is general manager, vineyard manager and winemaker. He pulls his expertise from his education in Burgundy, France and his 18 years of experience making wines in Oregon's northern Willamette Valley. Bergström focuses on handcrafting small lots of wines from their five estate vineyards. All estate acreage is farmed bio-dynamically and all wines express the wonderful diversity of Oregon's many great terroirs.

Represented by Terry & Sue Brandborg

Terry and Sue Brandborg believe they have found an ideal site to grow world class Pinot noir in Elkton, which lies in the northernmost reach of the Umpqua Valley. At an elevation of 900 feet, the vineyard features southern slopes and sandy loam soil. This coast range area is characterized by the marine influence that brings morning fog and afternoon sea breezes. A new winery with a beautiful, spacious tasting room was built in Elkton on Highway 38, the most scenic route to the Central Oregon Coast. As of March, 2013 Elkton AVA was recognized as the 17th and newest AVA in Oregon. The Brandborgs brought 17 years of commercial winemaking experience to Oregon and began crafting wines from Umpqua Valley fruit in 2002 while their own vineyard came into production. In addition to Pinot noir the winery also produces Syrah, Pinot gris, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer.

Represented by Robert & Ellen Brittan

Brittan Vineyards was founded by veteran winemaker Robert Brittan and his wife Ellen, who left Napa Valley to pursue their dream of making cool climate Pinot noir and Chardonnay in Oregon. The Brittans purchased their 128-acre property in the foothills of the Coastal Range in the McMinnville AVA, where they have 24 acres planted to Pinot noir. Robert brings extensive viticultural and winemaking experience to their venture, having worked as winemaker at Far Niente, St. Andrew’s and Stags’ Leap Winery before heading north to the Willamette Valley. On his rocky, exposed hillside Robert believes he has found a vineyard site that allows him to craft wines that speak of a unique place. The Pinot noirs from Brittan are intense, rich wines that have great structure, yet are balanced, elegant and very age-worthy. While Robert oversees the vineyards and winemaking, Ellen focuses on the sales, marketing and financial side of the family business. Ellen and Robert now reside at their home at Brittan Vineyards in McMinnville, where they intend to spend the rest of their lives doing what they love to do, growing and making fine wines and sharing them with fellow hedonists.

BROOKS (Amity, OR)
Represented by Pascal Brooks, Janie Brooks Heuck & Chris Williams

Brooks Wines is a reflection of visionary Portland native, Jimi Brooks. His reverence for the land and vines inspired him to become a practitioner of organic and biodynamic farming. The great respect for vineyard individuality and mastery of blending, allowed his wines to achieve the greatest depth, flavors, and balance. While Jimi is no longer with us, his dynamic spirit lives on through his wines, family, and friends. With the outpouring of generosity and friendship by the Oregon wine community, Brooks Wines continues, as a serious producer of old world style Riesling wines and new world style Pinot noir wines. Jimi's son Pascal, who was the ultimate source of his passion for life, is now the sole owner of the winery (at age 11, the youngest winery owner in the world). Jimi's sister Janie Brooks-Heuck has volunteered to lead it and friend, Chris Williams, took on the full-time position of winemaker in 2006.

CHEHALEM (Newberg, OR)
Represented by Harry & Wynne Peterson-Nedry

Chehalem is known for Pinot noir, but also equivalently for white wines. They are proud of that, speaking eloquently to the first half of a meal as well as the last half. Over half of production is white, ranging from Riesling, their passion in several styles, to groundswelling new Oregon Chardonnay, Pinot gris which they do exceptionally well, and to exciting smaller productions of Grüner veltliner and Pinot blanc – everything grown sustainably on the estate vineyards. The climate and winemaking style reveal wines that emphasize balance, elegance and texture rather than power and size. This openness allows the vintage and three terroirs farmed in the Ribbon Ridge, Dundee Hills, and Chehalem Mountains to express themselves, not with words but with wines of startling distinction. Mature vineyards, mature winemaking, consistently great wines.

Represented by Stephen Goff & Craig Hedstrom

Colene Clemens Vineyards is characterized by steep, rocky, south-facing slopes, an array of Pinot-friendly soils, and a handful of carefully selected clones. Owners Joe and Vicki Stark enjoy a collaborative effort with their talented and dedicated winemaker and vineyard manager Stephen Goff. No compromise has been made in an all-out effort to produce the finest estate Pinot noir possible. Farming practices, which include the use of organic compost, extreme fruit thinning, and leaf removal as needed are matched equally by meticulous, old world winemaking techniques. The beautiful but efficient state of the art winery sits atop the property overlooking the vineyards, the valley far below, Bald Peak above, and the Coast Range far to the west.

Represented by David Millman, Ashley Bell & Arron Bell

Established in 1987, Domaine Drouhin Oregon is owned by the Drouhin family of Burgundy. Today, the winery sits on a 225-acre estate, with 124 acres under vine in the Dundee Hills. The Drouhin family also recently purchased Roserock, a beautiful vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA. Fourth-generation winemaker Véronique Drouhin-Boss has become internationally recognized for producing wines of distinction, balance and longevity. Philippe Drouhin, who oversees the family vineyards in Burgundy and Oregon, is equally well regarded for his viticulture skills. Domaine Drouhin Oregon’s vineyards and winery are both LIVE certified sustainable, and the property maintains one of the largest solar panel arrays of any Oregon winery. The family’s principled approach to viticulture and winemaking, and long experience with Pinot noir and Chardonnay, have earned an international reputation for consistent excellence.

Represented by Erik Kramer & Ryan Harris

Ken and Grace Evenstad purchased 42 acres of land in the Dundee Hills in 1989 with the mission to produce consistently exquisite Pinot noir.  Over the years the Evenstads have increased their original 42-acre property to over 700 acres, more than 220 of which are planted to Pinot noir and Dijon-clone Chardonnay.  Their vineyards have been sustainably managed and dry farmed since the very beginning, and their passion for quality in the vineyards and in the bottle is unwavering. A diversity of factors, such as elevation, slope facings, soil types, root stocks, and clones, all kept separated during picking, fermenting and barreling, results in over 200 different Pinot noir wines in barrel each vintage. These labor-intensive techniques provide marvelous blending opportunities for layers of complexity in their flagship "Evenstad Reserve", as well as their single vineyard and "Yamhill Cuvée" labels.  In 2013 The Wine Spectator named Evenstad Reserve the #3 wine in the world on its top 100 list.  The Evenstads are committed to their iconic wines and have long term sustainability at the forefront of their future plans.

Represented by Patrick Reuter & Ryan Kelly-Burnett

To Patrick, process is of the upmost importance, and his soul does not rest unless he has created complicated processes that lead to wonderful creations. Patrick has made wine since 1995 with his wife Leigh Bartholomew in several countries such as Chile, New Zealand, and France and in the American western states of Washington, Oregon and California. Patrick completed his graduate studies at UC Davis, contemplating the notion of Terroir. Dominio IV was born in the 2002, producing Viognier, Pinot noir, Estate Tempranillo, Estate Syrah, Grenache, Riesling, Chardonnay, and Estate Tempranillo Rose. Annual production is 3,000 to 3,500 depending on the vintage.

Represented by Howard & Jessica Mozeico

Et Fille Wines is a family-run Oregon winery established in 2003 specializing in Pinot noir. Et Fille, which means "and daughter", honors the hand-in-hand, father and daughter team of Howard Mozeico and Jessica Mozeico that makes these wines. The goal of Et Fille Wines is to find the best vineyards in the Northwest and make a style of wine that reflects the best that each vineyard has to offer. Howard and Jessica bring their scientific backgrounds and love of art to making wine, because it requires both. They personally touch the grape clusters, fermenters, barrels, and bottles that eventually become their wine. They always sort, punch-down, and top-off by hand. They believe that having two of them involved in each stage of the winemaking process allows them to bring two perspectives—and two palates—to their wines. For Et Fille Wines, two is better than one.

Represented by Jason Lett & Chris Ellis

In the spring of 1965, 25-year old David Lett moved to Oregon “with 3,000 grape cuttings and a theory.” David planted the cuttings in a rented nursery plot, and began his search for a perfect site for a vineyard. This was the first planting of Pinot noir, Chardonnay and related varieties in the Willamette Valley, and the first planting of Pinot gris in the new world. In 1966, the search was over, and David and Diana Lett re-planted Eyrie’s founding vines in their permanent home in the red hills of Dundee. As the Letts were planting these vines, they witnessed a pair of Red-tailed hawks built a nest in the fir trees above the young vineyard. Their feeling of kinship with these hawks, inspired the name Eyrie, an old word meaning “hawk’s nest.” David and Diana’s son, Jason Lett, took over as winemaker and proprietor of The Eyrie Vineyards in 2005. Building on the foundation laid in 1965, Jason and his crew continue to pioneer new varieties, and to seek the most profound statement of the place that is Eyrie’s home.

Represented by Eric Hamacher

After earning a degree in viticulture and enology at University of California at Davis, Eric Hamacher set forth to gain extensive winemaking knowledge and to date, has worked more than 24 vintages at numerous wineries around the world. After producing wine for esteemed wineries such as Mondavi, Chalone and Etude, he realized his heart was in Oregon and decided to travel north and create the perfect Pinot noir. Eric founded Hamacher Wines in 1995 and has since proved an uncompromising commitment to quality. In less than a decade, he became one of the most respected and sought after producers in Oregon. He has established a reputation for being a masterful blender of expressive and balanced Pinot noir and produces some of the most elegant Chardonnay in the United States. His wines are made with great care and passion, and he strives for depth of character, balance and consistency with every vintage.

Represented by Drew Voit & Andrew Bandy-Smith

A sixteen-year veteran of the Oregon wine industry, Drew is intimately familiar with exceptional vineyard sites. While serving as the Associate Winemaker at Domaine Serene Winery, and then as Winemaker for Shea Wine Cellars, he worked with some of the best vineyards in the Willamette Valley. Harper Voit is the logical progression of that work: seeking out great sites, excellent fruit, and long-term relationships with growers. Drew also consults for a number of wineries in the Willamette Valley and operates a custom winemaking operation for small ultra-pemium brands.

Represented by Laurent Montalieu & John Niemeyer

The historic Hyland Vineyard lies in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range near McMinnville, Oregon. First planted in 1971, Hyland is one of Oregon’s oldest and most storied vineyards, spanning over 200 acres. Walking Hyland’s rows is like taking a tour through the history of Oregon viticulture, with plantings marking many of the major developments in Willamette Valley grape growing. The old, gnarled vines represent some of the best-preserved plantings of self-rooted Coury, Wädenswil and Pommard Pinot noir clones. Hyland also has some of the first Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Chardonnay vines planted in the state. Since purchasing the vineyard in 2007, Laurent Montalieu, Danielle Andrus Montalieu, and John Niemeyer have devoted their work to the gentle stewardship of the land to ensure this historic vineyard continues to be the epitome of old vine, terroir-driven grape production. The boutique brand of Hyland Estates is the culmination of 40-year-old vines and 60 years of wine growing experience. Hyland crafts Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot noir from the oldest and finest blocks in the vineyard.

Represented by Bethany & Brad Ford

At Illahe, the goal is to make wine as naturally as possible from soil to bottle. Winemaker Brad Ford’s hope is to make and grow quality Pinot noir and white wines that express the vintage and their varietal characteristics. We emphasize restraint by avoiding over-extraction and use of unnecessary additions, fining, filters, or machinery.¬† Some of our lots are made entirely by hand with no electricity or mechanization. A gentle wooden basket press, and Pinot noir is aged in French and Oregon oak. Of course, quality wine starts with quality fruit in the vineyard. The 80-acre, south-facing vineyard rests on shallow clay soils. As one of Oregon’s few horse-powered vineyards, Illahe works with two teams of Percheron and Norwegian Fjord drafts to mow and deliver grapes to the winery at harvest. Along with their LIVE sustainable certification, Illahe believes slow farming techniques allow them to pay more attention to what is happening from vintage to vintage.

Represented by Jay Somers & Ernst Loosen

The newly finished J. Christopher winery is located in Oregon’s northern Willamette Valley, in the Chehalem Mountains AVA. This small winery specializes in Pinot noir made using the traditional methods of Burgundy. The winery, one of the few in Oregon to produce Sauvignon blanc, is modeled after the great wines of Sancerre. Owner Jay Somers has been making wine in Oregon for more than 15 years, and established the J. Christopher brand in 1996. Jay’s wines are hand-crafted in small lots and are sourced from some of the best vineyards in Oregon. His philosophy is to produce wines that emphasizes focus, length and balance. “We do not make fruit bombs. We want wines that have a fine balance of fruit, acidity and texture . . . – wines that are complete.” Jay firmly believes the key to this is patient winemaking, allowing the wines to develop naturally.

Represented by Ben Howe & Michele Boyer

King Estate, now celebrating 24 years of Oregon winemaking, is located southwest of Eugene, Oregon, at the southern tip of the Willamette Valley. Founded in 1991 by the King family and family-owned and operated today, King Estate is committed to producing wines of exceptional quality using organic and sustainable farming methods, meticulous fruit selection, and impeccable winemaking practices. King Estate focuses on producing world-class Pinot gris and Pinot noirs, along with other excellent varietals under their Acrobat and NxNW labels.

Represented by Patty Green & Jim Anderson

Patricia Green Cellars is located in the Ribbon Ridge sub-AVA of Yamhill County on the 52-acre estate purchased in 2000 by Patty Green and Jim Anderson. In addition to their estate vineyard's production, fruit is sourced from some of the outstanding older vineyards in the Dundee Hills and Eola-Amity Hills. The focus over the years has increasingly tilted toward producing distinct and provocative single-vineyard and individual block bottlings of Pinot noir to display the beauty and uniqueness of the terroir of these sites. This obsessive, Seinfeldian-like focus on the excruciating minutiae and intricacies of growing and making Pinot noir has created a winery with all sorts of interesting and fun dysfunctions that are, surprisingly enough, apparently appealing to lovers of Pinot noir. While seemingly chaotic from the outside, the view from within reveals a finely formed process capable of this diverse range of distinct, nuanced, complex, and wholly individual Pinot noir wines.

R. STUART & CO. (McMinnville, OR)
Represented by Rob & Maria Stuart

R. Stuart & Co. was founded in January 2002 in an old granary in downtown McMinnville in the neighborhood affectionately known as the "Pinot Quarter." The team includes winemaker Rob Stuart, his wife Maria who manages public relations and collaborates with Trish Rogers on sales and marketing, as well as resident "Champagne-ophile" Frank Blair. Sourcing fruit from their favorite vineyards around the state including Temperance Hill, Melrose, Courting Hill, and Weber, R. Stuart & Co. makes the wines they love: Pinot noir, Pinot gris, and their beloved sparkling wine, Rose d'Or. The R. Stuart & Co. wines are made in the classic Rob Stuart style ; true to the fruit each vineyard offers, graceful, honest, and warm. They call their blended Pinot "Autograph," as they consider it the quintessential Rob Stuart Pinot noir. The everyday Pinot wines are bottled with the Big Fire label, a whimsical reflection of their passion for new adventure and, of course, for wine.

RANSOM WINE CO. (Sheridan, OR)
Represented by Tad Seestedt & Julia Cattrall

Founded in 1997, Ransom Wine Company was started as both an artisan winemaking/distilling company and also as a declaration of independence from an increasingly mechanized, high-tech and investor-driven production culture. Ransom followed proprietor Tad Seestedt through custom crush and cooperative facilities until 2008, when the distillery and winery were finally integrated on a forty-acre certified organic farm in the foothills of the Coast Range outside of Sheridan, Oregon. A small crew now works together to balance our two crafts: terroir driven, small lot winemaking and traditional alambic distillation. Choosing vineyards with a commitment to quality and sustainability is always our first step, but they must also have pure expression of terroir, unique flavors, and preferably a fellow iconoclast aboard the tractor. Ransom seeks out old vine, own-rooted, high elevation sites, primarily in the Eola Hills, which have the innate nerve and balanced acidity to make evocative, food-friendly wines naturally. In addition to our “Selection” and single vineyard Pinot noir, Ransom produces Pinot gris, Riesling, Albariño, Cabernet franc, Grenache, and Vermouth.

REX HILL (Newberg, OR)
Represented by Michael Davies & Debra Hatcher

REX HILL has been making elegant Pinot noir wines for over 30 years in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.  The landmark winery at the gateway to Oregon’s wine country welcomes visitors daily in a historic tasting room where seminars, special tastings & tours are regularly scheduled.  Estate vineyards, including the crown jewel Jacob-Hart Vineyard, are certified biodynamic farm and the winery itself is LIVE certified.  Owned by the families of A to Z Wineworks, the REX HILL legacy of superior Pinot noir continues.  The group reduced REX HILL production by 77% for greatest quality and brings more Oregon winemaking experience than any other winery as well as high energy, focus, commitment and a passion for excellence.

Represented by Scott Wright & Kelley Fox

Scott Paul Wines is dedicated exclusively to the artisanal production of Oregon Pinot noir of uncompromised quality. They believe that Pinot noir, at its peak of expression, is the ultimate wine of elegance and finesse, and all of their efforts in the vineyards and winery are directed at capturing the intoxicating aromas, the silky textures, and the complex array of flavors that can only come from true cool-climate Pinot noir. Low yields (averaging less than 1.7 tons per acre) and sustainable viticulture is their mantra in the vineyard. All wild yeast fermentations, no inoculations, no enzymes, no additives, and biodynamic practices provide focus in the cellar. New oak is kept to no more than 20 percent.

Represented by Rajat Parr & Dominique Lafon

Situated in the southeastern Eola-Amity Hills, Seven Springs Vineyard is dry-farmed using biodynamic practices. The Pacific Ocean breeze, volcanic soil, eastern exposure, and high elevation contribute to the natural preservation of the grapes' acidity and enrich the wines with elegant flavors and minerality. Today, Seven Springs Vineyard is a 70-acre vineyard, with many newly planted high-density Pinot noir and Chardonnay vineyards. Historically, Seven Springs Vineyard has produced some of the finest grapes grown in the United States. It was selected as one of the Top 10 Vineyards in America by Food and Wine Magazine and The Wine Advocate has regarded it as “one of Oregon’s finest, most consistent vineyards.” Rajat Parr, Dominique Lafon, and Sashi Moorman work closely to craft exceptional, terroir-driven wines from the Willamette Valley and Santa Barbara County.

Represented by Alex & Alison Sokol Blosser

For more than 40 years, before there was an Oregon wine industry, the Sokol Blosser family has been growing grapes and creating exemplary wines. Located on a certified organic 120-acre property in Oregon’s Dundee Hills sub-appellation, Sokol Blosser has consistently captured the terroir of the region as expressed through the brilliance of its estate fruit. This resolute quest for excellence is inherent in its environmentally sensitive winemaking techniques, a core value for Sokol Blosser since the planting of its very first vines 1971. The winery produces Pinot gris, Pinot noir, and small quantities of single block pinot noirs under its Sokol Blosser brand name, as well as a white blend, red blend and sparkling wine under the Evolution brand name.

Represented by Melissa Burr & Bill Stoller

Stoller Family Estate is one of Oregon’s most highly regarded vineyards and wineries. Pioneering Oregonian and founder, Bill Stoller, purchased his family’s second-generation farm in 1993 with the vision of cultivating an enduring legacy for the land and Oregon’s wine industry. Over the last 20 years, he has patiently transformed the 373-acre property into the largest contiguous vineyard in the Dundee Hills and a sought after source of fruit for premier producers. Longtime winemaker Melissa Burr works in concert with vineyard manager Robert Schultz to oversee the site’s continued refinement and steward Stoller’s legacy of growing exceptional Pinot noir and Chardonnay. Stoller Family Estate features North America’s first LEED® Gold certified winery, three guest homes and, state-of-the-art tasting room with panoramic vineyard views. Stoller Family Estate was recently awarded Wine Press Northwest‘s 2014 Northwest Winery of the Year.

Represented by Dan & Kathy Warnshuis

Utopia Vineyard is the embodiment of a dream that began in the mind of its owner and winemaker, Daniel Warnshuis, more than a decade ago. Utopia is a family owned producer of small-lot, handcrafted, estate wines, with a special emphasis on world-class Pinot noir and Chardonnay. It sits within the Ribbon Ridge sub-AVA, one of the most prestigious winegrowing areas in the Willamette Valley. Their philosophy is to make the best possible wine from their vineyard each year and for that wine to exhibit the unique characteristics of the site and growing season. Utopia follows international standards of sustainable viticulture. The vineyard is dry-farmed organically because the holistic nature of this practice ensures grape quality, complexity of flavor, and water conservation. Through dry farming, the deep-growing plants interact with the microbes in the soil, absorbing nutrients and minerals that contribute to increased complexity and structure in the finished product.

Represented by Erica Landon & Ken Pahlow

Walter Scott was started in 2008 by partners Ken Pahlow and Erica Landon after years of living, studying and working within the Oregon wine industry. Ken spent 18 years working for some of Oregon’s top winemakers, learning both production and marketing. Erica is both an Advanced Sommelier and wine educator, focusing much of her passion on the Willamette Valley. In 2012, Sue and Andy Steinman joined the winery, helping the business realize goals and grow production to 3000 cases. The winery specializing in Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pinot blanc from exceptional vineyards sourced primarily from the Eola-Amity Hills sub-AVA of the Willamette Valley. Our focus is to produce wines of elegance and purity, while conveying transparency of site and character of vintage.

Represented by Amy Wesselman & David Autrey

Founded in 1993, Westrey represents the collaborative winemaking of Amy Wesselman and David Autrey. Westrey employs traditional techniques such as small, indigenous-yeast fermentation, hand punch-downs, and a very limited use of new oak. A philosophy of minimal intervention dictates few rackings and no fining or filtration. Techniques are adapted to individual lots, so that each wine communicates its vineyard of origin. Amy and David farm 20 acres of Pinot noir, Pinot gris, and Chardonnay, planted between 1977 and 2008, on the 50-acre parcel of land in the Dundee Hills. They co-own with Christine and David Vernier. The vineyard is named "Oracle" out of reverence for the importance of "consulting the land first" when making decisions in the winery. Westrey's "Cuvée 20", featured at this year's IPNC, celebrates Westrey's 20th vintage.

ARNOT-ROBERTS (Healdsburg, CA)
Represented by Nathan & Jennifer Roberts

Arnot-Roberts was founded in 2001 in Healdsburg, California by childhood friends Duncan Arnot Meyers and Nathan Lee Roberts. Duncan and Nathan grew up in the midst of vineyards and winemakers in the Napa Valley. Each took an interest in the wine industry, with Nathan following his father’s lead as a cooper, and Duncan pursuing winemaking in renowned wineries in Napa and Sonoma. The focus of this two person operation is on small lot, single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Chardonnay, and Pinot noir, as well as several other varieties uncommon in northern Californian vineyards. Through good fortune and a keen eye, they have identified vineyard sources that are both singular and extraordinary. Collaboration with dedicated and passionate growers is paramount in the farming of these sites and vinification of their wines.

BYRON (Santa Maria, CA)
Represented by Jonathan Nagy

Byron Winery is a preeminent California producer of Pinot noir and Chardonnay on Santa Barbara County’s famed Santa Maria Bench. As the first commercial vineyard in the region, they have been the epicenter of experimental viticulture since its inception in 1964. Their pillars: artisan, pioneer, and experimental, represent their small production committed to sustainable farming, viticultural experimentation, and uncompromising quality. The unimpeded flow of cold air and coastal fog into the Santa Maria Valley creates a cool, long grape-growing season and contributes to the style, texture, flavor, and intensity of Byron’s wines. Their winemaking combines the finesse of Burgundy with the power of California.

Represented by Dan Fishman

The Donum Estate was founded in 2001 with the goal of making the ultimate Pinot noir from our 45-acre estate vineyard in Carneros. In 2005 they added Pinot noir from another small, estate grown vineyard in the Russian River Valley, and in 2011 added another vineyard in the Anderson Valley. With all three sites the goal is to determine the best parcels within each vineyard, ferment the grapes in small lots, and select only the best barrels from within each lot, in order to craft the finest Pinot noir possible. With a focus on viticulture and minimalist winemaking techniques, we seek to create wines that capture the essence of California, with rich, pure fruit flavors, and the spirit of Burgundy, with tension and intensity.

Represented by Brandon Sparks-Gillis & John Dragonette

Inspired by the great wines of the world, and following in the footsteps of their mentors, Brandon and John formed Dragonette Cellars a decade ago.  They are committed to getting their hands dirty; personally executing each step in the winegrowing and winemaking process, from vineyard management decisions, to harvest (often in multiple passes through the blocks), to fermentation, and finally to blending and bottling. Only through constant and meticulous attention to detail, underpinned by experience and overriding passion, can the wines reach their full potential. For Pinot noir, Dragonette works with some of the finest coastal vineyard in the cool-climate Santa Rita Hills appellation of Santa Barbara County including Cargasacchi, Fiddlestix, le Encantada, John Sebastiano, and Radian.

Represented by Jason Drew

Jason and Molly Drew started Drew Family Cellars in 2000 with a focus on cool climate Pinot noir and Syrah. In 2004, they purchased 26 acres on the edge of the coastal Mendocino Ridge AVA. After building their boutique winery on this far coastal site, they planted seven acres of Pinot noir and are farming it organically. The Drew Estate, “Field Station Ranch,” is perched at 1300 feet, overlooking the Anderson Valley AVA to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. They also work with several vineyards in Anderson Valley, Mendocino Ridge, and Yorkville Highlands. Jason has spent the better part of 24 years in the industry developing his skills in both vineyard management and winemaking. He prefers traditional winemaking techniques such as native yeast, whole cluster fermentations, hand and foot punch downs, and gravity racking. Jason aims to make restrained wines with great depth and poise that are rich in texture and pedigree of place.

Represented by Bill Wathen & Becky Barieau

Bill Wathen and Dick Doré have made wine together since 1985, when they founded FOXEN at the historic Rancho Tinaquaic in northern Santa Barbara County. Since that time, their dedication has remained the same – the creation of small production, vineyard-designated wines using a minimalist approach to winemaking and sustainable farming practices. Their winery is named in memory of W. Benjamin Foxen, an English sea captain and Dick’s great-great grandfather, who came to Santa Barbara in the early 1800s.  Foxen purchased the historic Mexican land grant, Rancho Tinaquaic, which comprised most of what is now known as Foxen Canyon. Captain Foxen adopted the distinctive “anchor” as his ranch cattle brand, which is now a trademark of the winery.  It is very fitting that FOXEN makes its home on Rancho Tinaquaic, which remains in family hands.

Represented by Kathryn Lindstrom & Melissa Stackhouse

Founded by Judy Jordan in 1986, J Vineyards & Winery began as a producer of critically-acclaimed sparkling wines like their J Vintage Brut, J Late-Disgorged Vintage Brut, Brut Rosé, and Cuvée 20 Brut. However, Judy, always curious and innovating, came to the realization that her vineyards would also be ideal for producing site-specific, cool-climate Russian River Valley varietal wines like Pinot noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot gris. Today she continues to build on their 27-year legacy of excellence to bring you both award-winning sparkling wines as well as highly-lauded varietal wines.

KNEZ WINERY (Boonville, CA)
Represented by Anthony Filiberti & Ryan McAllister

Knez winery viticulturalist and winemaker Anthony Filiberti is a Sonoma County native. He splits time between Anderson Valley in Mendocino and Sonoma, studying the vineyards, the land, and soil. He believes an intimate knowledge of the vineyard, along with persistence and patience, are essential to creating great wine. Anthony’s past experience includes working with Lynn-Penner Ash and Josh Bergström in Oregon, followed by a stint at Williams-Selyem, and continues with his ongoing work with Anthill Farms. In his winemaking and farming, Anthony’s goal is to create wine that expresses a sense of place and soulful beauty. He is especially drawn to the distinctive characteristics of cooler climate wines and single vineyards. He employs sustainable farming practices and traditional winemaking techniques to bring these qualities to light.

Represented by Greg La Follette

La Follette is a small Sonoma County winery zealously focused on crafting wines that offer benchmark expression of vineyard site and appellation. Winemaker Greg La Follette's career is an illustration of how science, coupled with passion, can produce extraordinary art. One of California's most accomplished and thoughtful winemakers, La Follette has spent his career delving into the science behind the art of winemaking. His unparalleled understanding of yeast—specifically, how different yeasts affect the mouth feel and flavors of the finished wine—is a defining aspect of his winemaking talent. This expertise, combined with a fascination with old world winemaking techniques, leaves an indelible mark on every wine he crafts. The portfolio includes a Sonoma Coast Pinot noir, three vineyard-designate Chardonnays and three vineyard-designate Pinot noirs from renowned appellations such as Russian River Valley, Sonoma Mountain, Sonoma Coast, and Mendocino Ridges.

Represented by Tom Stutz & Chuck Easley

The mission at La Rochelle is a simple one: to make California’s best, most interesting, most collectable Pinot noir and Chardonnay. Steven’s family introduced the Pinot noir grape to California in the 1850s. Today, he partners with the state’s most renowned Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyards – Garys’. Sleepy Hollow. Rosella’s. Londer. Paraiso. Tondre. Ferrington. Deer Park. They craft Pinot noir and Chardonnay grown on these famed estates that let the individual vineyard’s terroir, its special sense of place, shine through.

Represented by Jim Klein & Bill Mitchell

Navarro Vineyards is a sustainable farm owned by Ted Bennett and Deborah Cahn in the Anderson Valley of coastal Mendocino County. Founded in 1974, Navarro began by planting five acres of Pinot noir and clone UCD-4. Today there are 33 acres with nine clones on eight unique parcels ranging from 350 to 1500 feet in altitude. The Deep End Blend is a reserve made exclusively from our higher elevated sites, while the Méthode à l'Ancienne is produced both from Navarro's estate fruit and a small percentage of grapes from other growers located in the Anderson Valley. Navarro's fruit is night harvested, fermented in half ton bins, and aged in Burgundian barrels of which 50 to 35 percent are brand new. Navarro is also known as a leading producer of Alsatian style wines. Jim Klein has been Navarro's winemaker since 1992.

PATZ & HALL (Sonoma, CA)
Represented by James Hall & Anne Moses

Patz & Hall was founded in 1988 by four talented individuals: Donald Patz, James Hall, Anne Moses, and Heather Patz. Together, they have turned Patz & Hall into one of California’s most highly regarded wineries with a celebrated portfolio of single-vineyard wines. Though Patz & Hall was not the first California winery to make vineyard-designate Chardonnay and Pinot noir, it was one of the first to introduce these wines to a wider audience outside of wine clubs and tasting rooms. To achieve their goal of making exceptional limited-production wines from Chardonnay and Pinot noir, the four founders each focus their specialized knowledge and expertise on different areas of the winery’s operations. This integrated approach, along with a commitment to developing close personal relationships with many of California’s finest growers, have become the cornerstones of the winery’s success, allowing Patz & Hall to realize the highest levels of quality and consistency.

Represented by Vanessa Wong & Orion LeGuyonne

Vanessa Wong joined brothers Nick and Andy Peay of Peay Vineyards for their first vintage in 2001. Previously, Vanessa worked at several wineries in the Napa Valley and upon graduation from the University of California in Davis Enology program, spent a year in France at l'Institut d'Œnologie in Bordeaux. Upon completion of her studies she traveled between Europe and Australia to explore the diversity of winemaking, returning twice to France to work at Château Lafite-Rothschild in Pauillac and Domaine Jean Gros in Vosne-Romaneé. Settling back in California she served as enologist at Franciscan Oakville Estates before heading to Peter Michael Winery where she made wine from the 1996 to the 2000 vintage first as assistant winemaker, then later as winemaker. Vanessa’s goal is to make world-class, estate wines that express the unique climate and soil from her vineyard on the West Sonoma Coast.

RED CAR (Sebastopol, CA)
Represented by Carroll Kemp & Peter Willmert

Red Car is a boutique winery focused on producing Pinot noir, Chardonnay, and Syrah from a network of cold-climate vineyards located in the west Sonoma Coast. The wines are made in small lots utilizing minimalist intervention techniques native yeast fermentation, gravity flow, and natural acid. Each winegrowing decision emphasizes crafting aromatic wines of complexity, finesse and balance. The low-yields, hands-on farming and extraordinarily cold climate of Red Car’s vineyards enable the wines to offer intensity of flavor without the weight of excessive alcohol. Red Car was founded in 2000 with 50 cases of wine from a single ton of grapes, and today is operated by Carroll Kemp and general manager Peter Willmert. The winery name is a tribute to the electric trolley cars that ran throughout Los Angeles from the late 19th century through the early 1960s.¬†These evocative "red cars" provided transportation in a romanticized time and place.

Represented by Jeff Brinkman

Rhys Vineyards, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, strives to produce distinctive site-driven wines from geologically diverse vineyards located throughout northern California. Over the last 15 years, Rhys has sought out and developed unique hillside vineyards, focusing on shallow, rocky soils found at elevation. Meticulous organic farming is combined with a traditional hands-off approach to winemaking, allowing the unique expression of each site to shine through. Winemaker Jeff Brinkman joined Rhys in 2006, when the project was still a garage operation, and working alongside owner Kevin Harvey and viticulturist Javier Meza, the Rhys team has since continued to explore California's unique terroirs.

SANDHI (Lompoc, CA)
Represented by Rajat Parr & Sashi Moorman

Born in Calcutta, Rajat credits his uncle in London for first introducing him to great wines. After earning a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration, Rajat entered the Culinary Institute of America in New York. He began his wine career as an apprentice to one of the industry’s most acclaimed master sommeliers, Larry Stone, at Rubicon in San Francisco. Over the next few years, Rajat traveled extensively around the world, visiting the best vineyard sites and meeting the great winemakers of our time. This began the cultivation of Rajat’s deep understanding and appreciation of the distinctness of terrior and the vital but delicate role of winemaker. In 2011, Rajat launched Sandhi, which produces Pinot noir and Chardonnay in partnership with Charles Banks and Sashi Moorman.

Represented by Adam Lee & Bob Grimes

Siduri Wines is named for the Babylonian goddess of wine. Adam and Dianna Lee, two Texas transplants who moved to Sonoma to pursue their dream of producing Pinot noir, founded Siduri in 1994 with limited start up funds and now, 20 years later, they produce 15,000 cases of Pinot noir from cool climate locations in the Willamette Valley and throughout coastal California.  Selecting great vineyard locations, spending a great deal of time in these vineyards, working closely with superb growers, and minimal intervention in the winemaking process all combine to allow Siduri to bottle distinctive wines reflecting the terroir of each site. Their exceptional wines have received critical acclaim and been served in The White House and are in first class on airlines such as British Airways.

Represented by Eric Johnson & Cait Chapman

Talley Vineyards is a small family-owned and operated winery located in the Arroyo Grande Valley on California’s South Central Coast. This valley opens directly to the Pacific Ocean, making it one of the coolest and most temperate viticultural areas in California. The goal at Talley Vineyards is to produce estate bottling of Chardonnay and Pinot noir of uncompromising quality that reflect the unique characteristics of each vineyard owned by the Talley family. Talley Vineyards is committed to the primacy of terroir in its wines, and every step taken from vine to bottle is reflective of this approach.

Represented by Linda Trotta & Tony Rynders

Swiftwater Cellars, located in Washington State on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains, crafts wines that express the essence of the Pacific Northwest.  Our wine program has a unique dual focus on signature varieties from the Columbia Valley in Washington State and Pinot noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Our fruit is sourced from the region’s most celebrated AVAs allowing the wines to showcase the best that Pacific Northwest vineyards have to offer.

Represented by James & Poppie Mantone

James and Poppie Mantone met in 1997 while working together in vineyards and wineries in Oregon. By 1999, they were madly in love, married, and venturing into their first vintage of Syncline wine, focusing on Rhône varietals grown in Washington State. With their combined passion and experience, they sought out exceptional vineyard sites in the Columbia Gorge, Horse Heaven Hills, Yakima and Red Mountain AVAs. They now farm their estate vineyards in the Columbia Gorge using Biodynamic philosophy, and continue to explore the great potential of late ripening mediterranean varietals in eastern Washington. One exception from their Rhône focus is a real gem from Washington – Celio Vineyard. Celilo is one of the oldest vinifera plantings in the state. Each year Syncline produces a treasured amount of still and sparkling Chardonnay and Pinot noir from Celilo.

MISSION HILL FAMILY ESTATE (Kelowna, British Columbia)
Represented by Rick Bonitati & John Simes

Established in 1981 by Anthony von Mandl, Mission Hill Family Estate is located in the heart of British Columbia's pristine Okanagan Valley. This family-owned winery is world-renowned for its award-winning wines and spectacular setting. Majestic mountains, scenic lakes and lush orchards encase the winery's dramatic architecture and culminate in a setting that celebrates wine, food, and the arts. Chief winemaker John Simes, in his 22nd harvest with the winery, leads the winemaking and viticulture teams in their pursuit of quality as they farm several distinct estate vineyards in the Okanagan Valley. Mission Hill’s elegant, internationally-acclaimed portfolio celebrates the unique character of one of the world’s most exciting, emerging wine regions. With sustainable practices that ensure care for the environment, and a timelessness that respects the von Mandl family’s European heritage, guests experience the height of winemaking in an incomparable location.